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Complete pig farm solutions

with logistics and equipment working optimally and that create the necessary environment for the highest performing animals

At SKIOLD we deliver complete pig farm solutions designed for optimized work flow throughout the farm, complete overview, superior animal welfare, high level of biosecurity and excellent working conditions.

We design and deliver complete full-line pig complexes worldwide. No matter where in the world and no matter which requirements you may have, SKIOLD has a matching solution. We have experience in designing pig farm solutions in general and suited to the site and our customer's requirements. We aim to meet animal health and growth requirements at each stage of their lives.

Customized solutions are always based on a thorough analysis of the needs of our customers. We create partnerships with our customers and at SKIOLD no customer is too small – everybody is shown the same thorough attention and service finding the optimal service, equipment or complete solution in order to meet the customers requirements and establish long term relationships. Together with the customer, we find an optimal solution that meets current and future needs. 

We are experts in modern pig farming

SKIOLD takes the challenge literally and makes projects where feed production is built into the system. We create a total concept with section boar/gilts, sows, piglets and fattening pigs, feed production, delivery and more.

The logistics between the different housing sections are considered carefully so that production and daily operations run as efficiently as possible. And most importantly, we are realistic and open about the layout, the proportions between the housing sections and dimensions. With that, you achieve efficiency and a future-proof solution.

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Read more about our modern pig farming concepts and how we advice from A to Z on your pig farm project, so the complexity is eliminated and you have the necessary help all the way:

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