SKIOLD Feed Mill for Pig Farm

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Complete pig feed mills for pig feed

Produce your own pig feed and improve both health, growth and feed conversion rate

SKIOLD is one of the worlds leading companies within full-line pig farms and feed mills for pig farms from 500 sows to more than 30,000 sows. 

Producing your own pig feed gives you

Lower feed costs -> Healthier pigs and with higher performance -> The possibility to produce customised feed recepies -> Traceability of the feed for healthier pigs. 

A SKIOLD feed mill is your shortcut to a nutrient, cost-effective feed supply chain with tracability to secure both feed quality and high food safety. We aim to meet animal health and growth requirements at each stage of their lives.


Project with two of the worlds largest disc mills

28 t/h feed mill for 42.000 finishers

Improve feed quality and health of your livestock

Reduce mycotoxins with up to 90%