SKIOLD Feed mill for Cattle Feed

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Complete cattle feed mills for cattle feed

Producing your own cattle feed lowers your feed costs and increases profit

SKIOLD has many years of experience in designing and building cattle feed mills all over the world for small and large cattle farms from eg. 500-45.000 dairy cows.

Producing your own feed for your cattle gives you: 

Lower feed costs -> Less time spent on feeding  -> Healthier livestock with higher yields -> Possibility to produce customised feed for specific groups of cattle.

An example of a cattle feed mill with five different types of grains with different grinding degrees mixed with protein meals and minerals, automatically delivering of the feed to the cattle feeders in four different sheds, meaning the farmer can be off doing farm work while the SKIOLD solution does all the cattle feeding for him.

SKIOLD is established in 1877 and is an international company with own subsidiaries and dealers worldwide. Feed mills for cattle feed have a return-on-investment down to 7 months.


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